Catfight Leads to Resignation of CIA Director?

Oh men…when will you learn?  But even more…women, when will you learn?

Need a little background on the scandal? My favorite late-night funny man Jimmy Kimmel sketches out the case for us

This week, Americans were scratching their heads when CIA Director General Petraeus resigned, citing an extramarital affair as the reason.  Huh? What’s new about that?  We’ve pretty much come to expect that of our leaders.  Powerful men are apparently irresistible to some women….

The most amazing part of the story, is that the affair came to light after Petraeus’ alleged ex-lover, Paula Broadwell’s emails were investigated by the FBI. She purportedly sent a number of “threatening” emails to the General’s family friend, Jill Kelley, telling her to stay away from the General.  Apparently, she considered her to be a romantic rival.  (Remember my warning about cyberstalking your ex?)

Meow! Ladies… sorry, but no guy is worth sacrificing your dignity, family and own marriage for in that way.  Furthermore, if this had been a legit, healthy relationship vs. an affair, maybe the ex-lover would not have felt so threatened.  As the saying goes…”What goes around, comes around.”  If he cheats on his wife…yeah, maybe he will cheat on you too.

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